Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Measures in the areas of corporate governance, information security and environmental efforts at Terilogy Group.
Social Contribution Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporations are members of society, and in order to ensure that society values them and wishes for their continued existence, we believe it is important for corporations to contribute to the continual development of society. Through our corporate activities, Terilogy aims to contribute to the growth and development of society, protect natural environments, and earn the trust of people everywhere as an organization exhibiting high potential and promise.

Corporate Governance

Basic Policy on Corporate Governance

Terilogy Holdings views corporate governance as an important company matter, and carries out measures to maintain and improve management transparency, fairness, and decision-making speed.

  1. The board of directors, which serves as the decision-making organ for management-related decisions in the Company, holds regular board meetings once per month as well as additional meetings as necessary in order to realize quick and flexible decision making.
  2. Terilogy Holdings employs corporate auditors. The standing corporate auditor attends board of director meetings (regular meetings once per month plus additional meetings as necessary)and management meetings (twice or three times per month), and also attends other important meetings at the Company. In these ways, auditors thoroughly supervise corporate directors to ensure adequate fulfillment of duties. Moreover, auditing activities are closely coordinated with financial auditors, and exchanges of information and ideas are carried during evaluations and assessments of audit results.
  3. An internal auditor is assigned to the Internal Auditing Office, which is under the direct control of the Company president, and carries out auditing activities in accordance with the annual auditing plan. Based on internal audit results, auditors and financial auditors coordinate their efforts to improve company operations while endeavoring to make the internal auditing system more efficient and effective.
  4. In regard to important legal and compliance-related matters, we discuss in compliance office, and consultations are made with the corporate lawyer and necessary actions taken.

Corporate Governance Framework

Corporate Governance Framework

Information Security Measures

Basic Policy on Information Security

Terilogy Group (hereafter, "the Group") comes into frequent contact with important information belonging to customers, and the Company views the protection of said information resources as a vital responsibility. Furthermore, the Group carries out business in the information security field as a solutions and services provider, and thus has an obligation to cultivate strict information protection systems that surpass those of other companies. Therefore, the Group views information protection under information security measures as a top priority in corporate activities, and has thus established this basic policy on information security along with an information security management system. All employees of the Group follow the aforementioned policy in an effort to achieve appropriate information handling, management and upkeep.

Terilogy Co., Ltd. appoints an Chief Information Security Officer and establishes an Information Security Office, through which the Group implements thoroughgoing security measures for information received from customers and in-house information, while all employees actively pursue security-related measures.
Risk Assessment
The Group carries out continuous risk assessment activities in order to ensure sufficient information security measures in response to risk. Furthermore, the Group implements top-priority measures in response to risk assessment results and any risk that may affect highly important information.
The Group complies with all laws and regulations relating to company operations, and also complies with all contract stipulations in regard to information security duties to customers.
Continual Improvements
The Group strives to bolster knowledge and awareness related to information security among all directors and other employees as well as partner companies, while reliably implementing and operating information security management systems and pursuing continual improvements to said systems.

Date of Enactment: November 1, 2022

Akihiko Abe
President, Terilogy Holdings Corporation

Environmental Measures

Environmental Policy

Terilogy Group contributes to society through providing IT solutions and services.

We consider protection of the global natural environment to be a top priority in our business activities, and we have created and currently implement an environmental management system which entails active pursuit of the following environment-related efforts.

  1. Take the following environmental considerations as priority measures in Company operations:
    (1)Conserve resources in corporate activities
    • Separate waste products (primarily paper waste products) for recycling and reuse and purchase environmentally friendly products in order to reduce resource usage and depletion
    (2)Energy savings in corporate activities
    • Implement energy-saving measures (focusing primarily on electric power) to mitigate global warming and reduce resource depletion
  2. In Terilogy Co. Ltd, Terilogy Worx Corporation and Terilogy Serviceware Corporation, Establish an environmental management system, take measures to prevent pollution, and make continual improvements
  3. Comply with environment-related laws as well as other regulations and rules recognized by the Company
  4. Ensure a precise understanding of the environmental impacts of Company activities, services and products; set targets and revise them periodically; and make continual improvements to the environmental management system and the Company's environmental performance
  5. Implement environmental education, make the Company's Environmental Policy known to all employees, and raise employee awareness regarding environmental conservation and preservation

Date of Enactment: November 01, 2022

Akihiko Abe
President, Terilogy Holdings Corporation

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