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The Terilogy Holdings website (hereafter, "the Company Website"; URL: is operated by Terilogy Holdings Corporation (hereafter, "the Company").

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The Company understands the importance of protecting users' personal information, and has therefore established a privacy policy. For details on the Company's privacy policy, please visit the following webpage.
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Please visit the following webpage to send questions, comments and other inquiries to the Company.
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Information on the Company Website is not guaranteed in any way, in terms of accuracy or otherwise, and is provided in its originally posted or most recently updated form.
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Links to and from Other Websites

The Company Website contains multiple hyperlinks to outside websites. Please note that outside websites are operated by third parties independent from the Company, and that the Company takes no responsibility for, nor has any obligation regarding, the quality of said websites or their services.

If you wish to add a link to the Company Website, please contact the Company by clicking here and sending the company name for the website in question, the purpose of the link, the name of the contact person (person in charge), the URL for the webpage that will host the link, and the URL for the webpage to which you wish to provide a link. After receiving your message, a representative from the Company will respond accordingly. When creating a link to the Company Website, make sure to use either the wording "Terilogy Co., Ltd." or "Terilogy" in reference to the Company. In addition, make sure to use the official names for products as specified by the Company.
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Please note that all links are subject to change or deletion by the Company without prior notice.


Users of the Company Website are considered to have agreed to the terms and conditions of, and understood precautions regarding, use of the Company Website. Changes, corrections and/or additions may be made to the above terms, conditions and precautions if the Company deems such actions necessary. Users who continue using the Company Website after notification of such changes has been posted are considered to have understood and agreed to the new, updated terms and conditions.

Security Protocols

In order to strengthen website security, the Company Website utilizes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocols. This means that the Company Website uses Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

Access Logs

The Company Website stores information on website users in access log format.
Access logs contain various information on users who visit the Company Website, including the user's IP address, browser type, domain name, access time, access count, accessed file names, referrer webpage URL, and other information. Personal information, such as the user's name, address and phone number, are not recorded in access logs.

Access logs are used for purposes of website maintenance and management, better understanding browsing history and information, analyzing statistics, investigating system failures, and similar purposes; they are not used for any other purpose.


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The Company uses cookies to record information on webpages and other information viewed by users on the Company Website. The Company utilizes this information for purposes of providing more useful information to users in the future.

If you do not agree to having your user information collected via cookies, please delete the "" cookie from your browser.

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