Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

In order to provide appropriate and suitable investment information to all investors, Terilogy Holdings Corporation (hereafter, "the Company") strives, as a general rule, for transparency, fairness, continuity and promptness in all information provision activities. More specifically, the Company strives for timely disclosure in accordance with legal requirements as stipulated under the Securities and Exchange Act, and as specified in the rules and regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereafter, "TSE"). Regarding information not subject to timely disclosure rules and regulations, the Company's basic approach is to actively provide such information in a timely manner if the Company deems said information useful to investors.

Information Disclosure Method

When disclosing information regulated under TSE timely disclosure rules, disclosure is carried out via the Timely Disclosure Network (hereafter, "TDnet") system following explanations to the TSE. After completion of TDnet disclosure, information will be quickly made available on the Terilogy Holdings website (hereafter, "the Company Website") as well.

Earnings Forecasts and Future Outlooks

Among plans, future projections, strategies and so forth posted on the Company Website, some are created based on set prerequisites, with the exception of postings regarding past and current situations and circumstances. Because said postings contain elements of risk pertaining to economic trends, industry trends, exchange rates and other factors, as well as elements of uncertainty, forecasted results and changes may different from actual results. Therefore, the Company requests that users do no depend solely on said postings and information contained therein when aiming to achieve specific results and assessing corporations.

Quiet Periods

In order to prevent leakage of settlement information and ensure fairness and objectivity, the Company utilizes quiet periods starting from the day following settlement dates until financial results releases. During quiet periods, the Company does not answer questions on or make comments about financial results and similar. However, the Company may release information as necessary during quiet periods if actual results are expected to differ greatly from forecasts. In such cases, the Company will answer questions and otherwise respond accordingly regarding relevant information that has already been publicized, even if a quiet period is in effect.

Other Matters

Information publicized on the Company Website is provided to enable better understanding of the Company; it is not intended to solicit investments. As follows, the Company urges users to make decisions based on their own judgments when engaging in investment activities.

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